Dr Keiki R. Mehta, the Surgical Chief and Director
of the Mehta International Eye Institute
, graduated
from Christian Medical College and completed his post
graduation at the PGI Chandigarh. He then went to London
and joined the prestigious Moorefield’s Eye Hospitals and
institute of Ophthalmology completing his DO (London) with
top honors. He then graduated from Dublin passing the DO
(Ireland) with acclaim and to New York, USA for further
advanced Training.

Dr. Keiki Mehta felt that there was a great need in
India for a world where optimal levels of eye care,
clinical as well as diagnostic, coupled with the
finest surgical treatment would be available.

Returning to Bombay, he commenced the Colaba
Eye Hospital outfitting it with the finest equipment
available, from Zeiss (Germany) and set up Bombay’
s first superlative eye clinic and hospital on par
with the best institutes abroad.
Dr. Keiki R. Mehta, at Colaba eye hospital has many
firsts’ to his credit.

Dr. Keiki R. Mehta a pioneer in the field of
intraocular implants
had a special training for
implanting lances following contract surgery and brought
this technology to India.

He is the first to implant IOL lenses in India, in
regular practice, and started the IOL revolution
which has saved so many eyes and resulted good
vision to many

Dr. Keiki R. Mehta developed the world’s first soft
foldable intraocular implant
and presented it at the
world renowned American Implant society at San Francisco
in U.S.A.
for which he was awarded its Prestigious
Appreciation award

He developed the first foldable HEMA disc lens
and implanted. Now all lenses are foldable.

He then turned to Refractive Surgery (decrease spectacle
num) and
pioneered the use of Radical keratotmy,
wrote the only text book on the subject.
He pioneered the advent of Excimer surgery (now known
as LASIK).

The Mehta International Institute has now acquired the
worlds’ foremost Safest, Superfast and Most Accurate
Excimer LASIK Laser, the German "AMARIS" Schwind
system, with the revolutionary new Carriazo Pendular
Microkeratome, for the first time not only in India but
also for the first time in South East Asia
and is considered
by many the
Rolls-Royce of laser systems, to give superlative
optical correction.

Phacoemulsifcation (Laser cataract surgery) was
introduced once again by Dr. Mehta at the Coloba Eye
, for the first time in regular practice in India and presented
his first papers at the AIOS the next year.
He is recognized as
the Father of Phacoemulsification Surgery in India

True to its international caliber the institute has imported the most
advance cataract surgery machine in the world from Alcon USA, the
Infiniti with its revolutionary new Aqualase system for the first time
in India. With this new machine.

He showed how effective the surgery was in the rural milieu and is
credited with saving lakhs of eyes with the application of
this technique in our rural areas
He is the FIRST and ONLY Indian Surgeon to have been Invited to operate LIVE  at Video Cataracta, In Milan, Italy.
This is Europe's biggest LIVE SURGERY CONFERENCE, broadcast LIVE to 23 cities in Europe. This is an honor given
only to the world's Finest Surgeons.

Dr. Mehta remains on the forefront of cataract surgery.

The Mehta International Eye Hospital is known all over India for its excellence of treatment and surgery, making the
hospital a Mecca for ophthalmic care.

The genesis of the institute was conceived in 1998 in response to a growing need to have a world class institute in Mumbai, having
access to the
most advanced and latest equipment, in one coordinated institution. The patient is thus assured of a full fledged
examination of all the various facets of the human eye.
Here diagnosis can be carried out quickly, and treatment applied in the
fastest possible time.
Dr. Keiki R. Mehta, India’s foremost ophthalmic surgeon
prolific writer and teacher who has many ophthalmic text
books to his credit. Having won several Gold Medals
both, abroad and here, numerous awards, with his super
surgical skills and excellent diagnostic ability Dr. Keiki
R. Mehta is ranked among the leading surgeons in the
world. His exemplary surgical performance has earned
him invitations all over the world not only to present
lectures on the latest innovative surgical techniques but
also to perform Live Surgical Demonstrations at all the
topmost International Ophthalmic Congresses.

He is Honorary Ophthalmologist at the ONO Eye Hospital,
Geneva, Switzerland.

He is also the Honorary Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
to the Governor of Maharashtra, The Armed Forces -
Government of India and to the Maharashtra Police.
He has recently received the Padmashree Award this year by the President of India, Smt. Pratibha Patil for his
meritorious and exemplary surgical skills and his intensive contribution to Global Ophthalmology.

The institute offers, for difficult cases, the consultation with on the Tele Net with world class leading surgeons of the
world thanks to its affiliation with the World Class Swiss ONO Eye Hospital and with the St. Luke Institute, Texas, USA.

The Center for Advanced Eye Care, Surgery, Education and
Asia's most advanced Eye Center